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Your voice matters: Tell us how you want to use TCG Home

It never stops to feel amazing how engaged and enthusiastic this community is! We’ve seen it every since we announced TCG Home, and we keep seeing it on our Discord server, particularly from our super motivated group of volunteer testers. Today we want to tell you about several ways that make it even easier for you to make your voice heard about what you want TCG Home to accomplish: A way to pitch ideas directly to our team, a short survey about how you engage with your favorite TCGs and news on our first live test.

First of all we want to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in our first community test that concluded a few days ago. Next, we want to give you a preview of how your Collection will work on TCG Home — which you can try out as early as next week if you join our group of testers. Let’s get started!


Show your ideas directly to our developers

Do you have an idea that our team needs to see? A feature you want to make sure we include? Now you can submit it directly to us! Thanks to our new Featurebase integration, you can submit suggestions and feature ideas directly from the #feedback channel of our Discord server. Simply type /feedback and the integration will take care of the rest! You can also see a list of all submitted ideas right here on Featurebase and vote on the submissions you like best to let our team know what are must-haves. We hope that this will make it even easier for community members to take part in the development of TCG Home, even if you don’t have time to become a volunteer tester or if you want to participate even further.

Let us know what your TCG world looks like

Our mission with TCG Home is to deliver what the TCG community really needs. To get an even better understanding of that, we’d like to learn more about how exactly you engage with TCGs and what your interactions with your favorite TCGs look like. Please take 5 minutes and fill out our survey below. Your answers will enable us to create a platform that fits your individual way of engaging with TCGs.

If you want to help us out even more, feel free to share the survey with other TCG enthusiasts you know. The more responses we get to this, the more people our platform will be able to serve better.

We’re going live — With our first real beta

Development of TCG Home is going well and very soon we’re going to be ready to go live with our first live beta test. This beta test is going to use a functional live system of TCG Home that includes all features that have cleared development so far. That means this test is a reflection of our current state of development, and as such it won’t have the full set of features of the final product just yet. Until we reach that point, the beta version of TCG Home will get continuous updates as we complete additional features. For now, the beta will only be available for our volunteer testers! If you haven’t joined that group yet, join our Discord server and become a tester today, so you don’t miss when the beta goes live.

In addition to all this, we have a lot of exciting stuff that we’re working on behind the scenes. We can’t wait to share it all with you very soon, so stay tuned! We’re hyped to see where this journey has taken us so far and where we have yet to go, and we’re glad you are along for the ride.

If you have any questions about TCG Home, get in touch on our Discord server or via email to

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