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Prices available from

Real-time card prices
for your complete collection.


Multiple built-in price sources

Wherever you are based: we provide Cardmarket, Card Kingdom & TCGplayer prices to enable actionable insights.


Historic price data available

Uncover the ups and downs of a card's price using our adjustable price graph covering the past year.


Price trends decoded

To help you make smarter decisions, we provide you with the price trends of each of your cards.


Your collection value tracker

With the collection value you gain a precise understanding for the value of your whole collection.

Price data from your favourite platforms.

We are determined to provide you with the most valuable insights. That's why you are free to select your preferred price source: Cardmarket, Card Kingdom or TCGplayer - you decide.

Discover what your cards
are worth.

Find out what your cards are worth at first sight with our dedicated price dashboard – readily accessible for each card in your inventory with prices from the past 12 months.

Get to the bottom of card price trends.

Whether you’re interested in short-term trends or the big picture: we have the right answers for you. With daily price change indications you are always in control of your collection. 

Never again lose track of your collection's value.

Completing the single card price data, the adaptive collection value provides you with a precise understanding for the value of your whole collection.

All the card price data you need

We equip you with a range of tools to help you get the data you are looking for.

Prices that matter

Bringing together prices from the most sought-after platforms, you have the big picture right at your hands.

Actionable Insights

We go beyond the obvious price display and help you to develop a true understanding for what your cards are worth.

Maximum Adaptivity

Filter the collection views to get a precise understanding of what sub-Parts of your collection are worth today. 

Compare your prices

We help you to share your collection stats with your friends to compare your collections' values.

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Frequently asked questions

A detailed price dashboard is displayed in the pricing tab after selecting a specific card. The current avg price can also be found in the trade view

Currently we pull prices from the largest EU marketplace Cardmarket as well as the largest marketplace in the US TCGplayer and the largest US reseller Card Kingdom.

Use the toggle to switch between the non-foil and (if available) foil version of a single card. The drop-down in the upper right corner allows you to select the reference time for the Displayed price date (from 1 week to 12 months)

The estimated collection value sums the current average prices of the cards in your inventory, more specifically the cards displayed via filtering.