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Things we released to
make TCG Home better.

This week’s release for TCG Home includes several fixes for the CSV import, as well as a few adjustments on the mobile app. Check out the details ⬇️

🔎 New: Handling failed cards on mobile. On the mobile app, if you have any failed cards during your import, the share menu will allow you todecide what to do with the csv of failed cards. Thanks to xThule | Teddy for reporting that this was an issue before.

👁️ Fixed: Import view on mobile. When importing csv files and decklists via the mobile app, the next view wouldn’t show any cards. This has now been fixed.

🅰️ Fixed: Import set capitalization. We fixed an error that would cause no matches if the set of an imported card was lower case or became lower case during the import process. Thank you Turrok for the report!

🎨 Fixed: Visuals. We fixed a visual issue that could cause an overlap of several navigation elements. During this process we also moved the cookie button to the menu.

🗃️ New: Database Update. Our MTG card database has been updated with multiple fixes of Cardmarket mappings. Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Commander, Breaking News, The Big Score and several Secret Lair releases are now complete in all available languages and should now display correct price information.

🏅 New: Badge Update. Achievement badges for inviting new users and joining with invites have been updated and are now correctly visible in the profile for all users who earned them.

Once again, thank you everyone for providing feedback, for testing our platform and for letting us know what you would like to see in the future! We’re currently very busy getting the Android App ready for you and then we’ll come back to more improvements 💪

The iOS mobile app for TCG Home is now available in the App Store. We also have a small status update on the Tabernacle giveaway. Here are the details:

🍎 We are excited to let you know that the native TCG Home App for iOS is now out on the App Store! You can check it out here:

📲 This is a massive step forward for us and we hope you like the app version at least as much as the browser version! Let us know what you think and share your ideas for how the app could still be improved.

🤖 Our native mobile app for Android is currently still in internal testing. Of course we will keep you updated on the status of this version as well and we’re hoping to release it soon.

🙏 On a different note, we also want to say thank you for the enthusiastic participation in our recent giveaway in collaboration with Cardmarket. We’re currently in the process of validating the entries and drawing a winner and will have more news to share within the next few days.

Our release this week primarily has non-visible changes in preparation for the launch of our native mobile app, but also brings a few visible fixes. Read more:

📱 Next steps for the mobile app.
Our native mobile app has moved to the next stage of internal testing and is expected to get reviewed for the app store by the start of next week. If all goes well, that’s when it will be available for download.

🔄 No more preference reset.
We fixed an issue where connecting to Cardmarket used to reset some of your profile preferences (like favorite colors and formats).

✅ Batch edit fix. We also deployed a fix for an issue where using batch edit could cause the condition of cards to be overwritten.

🔁 Sharable lists coming soon. We know in our last update we promised sharable lists. Unfortunately, those are not quite ready yet, so we’ll give them a bit more time in the development oven. They’ll be good soon!

That’s it for this week. Hopefully next week we will get to share the first version of our native mobile app with all of you and we’re excited for it 🤩

Our release this week brings you the first iteration of new lists, as well as a beefy new slate of products in the MTG database. Keep reading for more details

📝 Tradinglists
This new feature allows you to search your collection and add cards to dedicated lists without having to assign tags to them. You can also list cards for sale directly from here if you have our Cardmarket connection enabled.

😍 Wishlists
These lists allow you to search the entire database for cards you don’t have yet to add to customizable lists without assigning tags. You can also add an entire deck to a wishlist by pasting the deck as you would for Decklist import.

🔁 Sharing & Improvements
With our upcoming release (planned for next week), you will also be able to share these lists with other users on TCG Home. Other improvements, like multi-select and more, are already planned.

📱 Mobile Deck Matching
While we were busy working on lists, we also fixed the functionality on mobile, which now works more reliably.

🤠 Outlaws of Thunder Junction
This weekend is the release date of the newest Standard expansion for MTG: Outlaws of Thunder Junction. All cards and variants (including Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander, The Big Score and Breaking News) are now available to be added in English. More languages will become available as they are entered into the Scryfall database. However, you can already add the cards in English and then change the language once the cards are in your collection.

🏇 So saddle up, load your lists and ride into the sunset with new cards, trades and wishes on TCG Home. Yee-haw!

This week’s release brings a better overview of your cards value development as well as improvements to our search and the gallery view. Check the details

📈 Loss & Profit
Starting with this release, you can see a little icon next to the price of your cards in gallery view. This icon indicates if the card value has increased, stayed the same or decreased within the last 24 hours. Hovering over the price will show the daily change (absolute and percent).

🔍 Improved Search.
Going forward, you won’t need to type special characters when searching for card names. That should make it easier to find your Éowyns, Nazgûl, Dandân and more!

⚡ Enhanced Gallery View.
You can now access all copies of a card, including their tags and details, from the gallery view via the three-dot-menu. This improvement also brings us one step closer to our native mobile app.

That’s it for this week. As always, we’re excited to learn about your experience with our new and improved features, so please share how you like what this release included

After Card Kingdom, we’re happy to announce an alternative USD price source: TCG Player. This release also brings a few minor improvements and sets the baseline for our next upgrade of the Cardmarket integration. Here are the details:

💸 TCG Player is our newest USD price source.
It is available for both Magic and Lorcana, and you can select it as your price source for either game right now. It works just the same way as it does for Card Kingdom, which we showed in this video:

⚠️ Not 100% of prices yet.
Just for your information, if your selected price source is TCG Player, there are some cards for which prices don’t display correctly yet. We’re still working on it and we’re optimistic that we will have the rest of the prices very soon!

🏷️ New Tag Filters.
Following some feedback from Sir Bartacus, we have reworked the filter options for tags in your collection. This new tags filter is entirely new with new options, so check it out now!

💡Mobile Tooltips.
We had some issues displaying tooltips on mobile so far. After a complete overhaul of tooltips across the application, tooltips now reliably show up on mobile as well.

🤑 Listed Prices no longer stuck.
If you delist a card, the “listed price” for that card no longer sticks to a card after it gets delisted. Sorting your collection for listed price should now work as expected.

We know a lot of you are waiting patiently for that last point in particular, so we’re excited to make headway in that direction

This release includes USD Prices from Card Kingdom as well as several improvements that were suggested by the community and some bug fixes as usual. Here are all the details:

💸 New status filter
We have introduced the option to filter for the status of the cards in your collection (at home or listed on marketplace). This filter is currently only available for MTG but will come to other games as marketplace listing becomes available for them.

📱 Mobile improvements
We have made some changes to the TCG Home experience from a mobile device thanks to suggestions from liberforce and stark75. Now 4-digit card prizes and the foil icon will no longer cause elements of the UI to overlap in the collection. We also made some adjustments in other areas like the import screen to prevent similar issues at small resolutions.

👀 Better tag visibility
The tag column used to be too small for the functionality it’s supposed to support, so we gave it a minimum width. Thank you takalnl for telling us about this issue!

🤑 More stable prices
Occasionally some technical difficulties used to lead to some card prices not updating correctly after a 24 hour window. We’ve introduced some failsaves to ensure card prices are correct and reliable.

🪲 Bug fixes
The work of bug fixes and small improvements continues! This time featuring the following:

Using bulk edit on several cards from the Card Details Page no longer pretends it didn’t work when it did by sending an incorrect error message.

In some cases the platform pretended to have imported 0 cards via csv import, even when one or more cards were successfully added. Now it no longer does that.

Troublemaker csv import used to be really picky about the purchase price column. We’ve made it suck it up, so now cards with missing purchase price get imported properly.

More privacy for the info boxes in the top banner of the collection view. They are no longer transparent for Safari users on MacOS.

Using “reset all” for your filters didn’t work as expected for price filters. That should be fixed now.

Editing tags while using the bulk edit feature now actually works. For real this time.

We are very excited for this release and we’re looking forward to making TCG Home even more international with upcoming updates.

This release for TCG Home contains our first steps towards more sharability and social features, as well as an important fix for collector number sorting. More details:

🖼️ Sharable dashboard
We have revamped the dashboard to give you more information about more topics with a cleaner, more accessible presentation. And you can share your stats directly from there!

⚠️ Work in Progress
Some sections of the new dashboard are still being worked on, like your profile avatar and some of the information tiles. We’re excited for the improvements we still have up our sleeves.

#️⃣ Sorting by collector number
This is now fixed in the add cards view, so you can correctly sort an entire set by collector number. Some sets are still problematic when sorting the gallery view by collector number but that is a more complex issue to fix.

Check out the new dashboard via the TCG Icon in the top left of your screen on TCG Home, share your profile stats with your friends and let us know what you think about this update in #community-chat 💬

The TCG Home release for this week brings one big upgrade and many small improvements! Check it out now or keep reading for more details:

🎏 All Languages for MTG
You can now change cards in your collection to any language! You can also add individual cards via their add cards details page in any language and we’re already working hard on expanding this to our other add cards options.

🗡️ Murders at Karlov Manor is live
You can now add all cards from the new Murders at Karlov Manor expansion for MTG to your collection! If you filter the set by language and sort by collector number, you may see some incorrect sorting. This is due to some cards in this set that have alternate art but no different collector number. A fix for this sorting issue is already in the making.

📥 CSV Import Fixes
The help text in the “How it works” section of the csv import page is no longer cut off thanks to a report by karstenwinter. Also, when you click the “see and edit added cards”-link after successfully importing a csv, it actually leads somewhere.

✨ Foils at First Glance
We know the shiny foil animation in the gallery view is very pretty but sometimes it’s not enough of a visual cue to tell immediately if a card is foil. That’s why foil cards are now accompanied by a small symbol next to their price. Thanks to Tigier for suggesting this improvement.

⛵ Improved Onboarding
We’ve made some small changes to improve the onboarding experience for a new account. For example the field for selecting your country now features autocomplete.

📺 Live Q&A on YouTube
If you missed the live Q&A this week, you can now watch the recording on our YouTube channel. See Community Champions Sir Bartacus and Tigier ask Dan and Patrick from the TCG Home Team your questions for 60 minutes:

That’s it for this weeks update but we have a lot more coming in the next few weeks. Get ready for a bunch of long-awaited upgrades and some surprise improvements! 🙌

This weeks release for the TCG Home Beta includes big improvements for Pokémon and Lorcana, as well as the groundwork for international prices and a number of bug fixes. Here are the details:

📋 Mass editing for Pokémon and Lorcana
You can now mass-edit and mass-delete cards in the trade view for your Pokémon and Lorcana collections. This feature is no longer MTG-exclusive and should make your collection management a lot smoother!

💰 International Prices
Our database now imports card prices from CardKingdom! These prices are not visible yet, we’ll need some more UI and compatibility work before that’s possible but we’ll get there soon. TCGplayer prices will take a bit longer but are still expected to happen in Q1 of 2024.

🎖️ Badges in the Dashboard
You can now earn achievement badges by using different aspects of TCG Home. The first badges you earned will appear in your dashboard after the January Referral Program concludes but there will be more ways to earn badges in the future so stay tuned.

🪲 Bug Fixes
This release features multiple bug fixes, including the following:

✨ When adding cards via the add cards details page, the finish field (foil/nonfoil) can’t be empty anymore, which used to result in incorrect card prices. Thanks to chrysos for the report of this issue!

⚠️ When importing cards, error cards can no longer pretend to be imported on the import success page. Instead they are now correctly counted as not imported and can be downloadedin the failed-cards.csv - thanks to Pucca for the report!

🌟 Edged foil cards sometimes refused to update their price correctly. We talked to them and they no longer do that. Thank you chusmaverde for helping us find this.

👣 The footer at the bottom of the page tried to run away when editing cards. It now stays where it is. Thank you itze_kindofmagic for telling us about this.

📈 Sorting by purchase price kept causing technical issues, so we’ve disabled it for now. It knows what it did!

🔍 When typing the full name of a Magic card into the search bar, the autocomplete used to show you an empty box. We believe you don’t need this to know that you typed the full name, so it no longer shows up now.

The first TCG Home Update of 2024 released today! For this update we focused on improving your experience with existing features on the platform. Here is an overview of what has changed:

🎨 Deck Matching UI
We’ve updated the UI of our deck matching feature to make it more intuitive and better looking. This especially makes it easier to see which cards are available and which are missing at a glance.

📏 Scaling the App
to different sizes on your screen can no longer affect the stability of the navigation menu, retaining a stable display at any scale or setting.

🛒 Listing cards for sale
has been improved with a better mobile browsing experience of the Listed Cards and Sold Cards menu thanks to a report from @karstenwinter. We also now tell you what went wrong if there is an error while listing a card.

✉️ Some of our emails looked weird
in a few email clients, for example when you confirm your account or request to reset your password. This should no longer be the case (let us know if your emails still look weird).

🔍 Card search autocomplete
has been improved by removing digital-only cards (like “A-[cardname]” for Alchemy cards) and art cards (which showed up as “[cardname] // [cardname]” even for non-double-faced cards). Now you should find what you want even more easily!

💪 Overall, lots of small fixes that will combine to get us closer to our goal of an ideal experience while you manage your collection. Thank you to everyone who keeps giving feedback and sharing ideas for improvement! Now to tackle the next set of topics

Our most recent update of TCG Home brings yet another improvement to our essential tags feature, as well as some important bug fixes. Here is an overview:

🏷️ Tag categories
These are a new optional quality that can be added to your tags to have all information at a glance. Available categories are Pinned, Deck, Sell, Buy and Collection.

🪲 Bug fixes
Several bug fixes have been released to deal with the following issues:

A visual bug that displayed incorrect numbers when editing prices for listed cards

A visual bug that displayed reminders in wrong places when filling in your profile info

A bug that caused an error message when a space was entered in the username

An unnecessary restriction that prevented cards from being added despite matching correctly during csv or decklist import

Card matching during import no longer matches equals only but uses best match if equals isn’t possible

📣 Shoutout & thank you!
Props to gaberilde and Khaylius on our Discord server whose reports helped us find and fix several of these bugs!

We released an update for the TCG Home Public Beta today that brings you the first version of our collection dashboard with tons of stats and graphs! Here is what you need to know:

🗃️ All your collections
All available games are covered, showing you stats for your Magic, Lorcana and soon Pokémon cards.

💰 Value Tracking
Track the value of your collections and how it develops over time, as well as the distribution of prices among cards in each collection.

🔢 Insightful Stats
Get valuable insights into the stats of your collection, like which cards you own the most or which are your most valuable ones.

This first version is only the beginning and we expect to deliver a lot more breadth and depth of information via the dashboard as development continues 💡

Try it out now via the TCG Home Icon at the top of our games portfolio on

In today’s release for the TCG Home Public Beta, we bring you multiple much-requested updates that should make your experience with tags even better. Here are the biggest hits:

🏷️ New tag filter options
We have deployed new filter options for tags to allow you to find cards without tags, cards with exactly the selected tags and more.

🔠 Selecting and managing tags
This update should make it even more comfortable to select and manage tags as the list of tags is now alphabetically sorted!

🎨 More colors for tags
A variety of colors is now available to choose from when you create or edit your tags. Customize your collection like never before.

In addition we have one update to our CSV import feature:

💰 Purchase prices
Purchase prices are now correctly imported when adding cards via CSV import. Shoutout to Trarock and FearnFuenfzig for flagging the issue on our Discord server and providing some relevant data points to fix it 💪

In other news, we are still neck deep in the Alpha Test phase for Pokémon. If you want to join that test, contact the TCG Team account via DM on Discord and mention your TCG Home username. We’re also getting ready for some new features that might complete Alpha Testing this month, so keep your eyes open 👀

Recently, we completed the first of a number of database updates for the TCG Home Magic card database. State of the TCG Home Database

📥 Add any card
Every card that is on Scryfall can now also be added to your collection on TCG Home! This includes many special printings that were previously unavailable.

💬 Non-English langauge support
Some sets are still missing in non-English langauges from Scryfall. We are already working on a solution for this that will roll out in the new year.

👋 Goodbye Missing Cards Masterthread
With this update, all the cards that were reported in the Missing Cards Masterthread on our Discord server should be able to be added, so that will get archived. However, if you discover one of the few cards that are still missing price data (less than 0.5% of all digitized cards), you can report that via the #support channel on Discord.

We’re already working on the next set of updates as well as continuously maintaining our database to make it more accurate and reliable than ever. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on this topic and enabled us to bring these essential improvements to TCG Home! 🙏

Our long-awaited Deck Matching feature just went live for MTG on the TCG Home Public Beta! 🎉 Try it for yourself at

📋 Like Decklist Import
This feature works like our decklist import, where you can copy a decklist or write it yourself (make sure to include set code and collector number)

✅ Collection Comparison
Deck Matching then compares the decklist to your collection on TCG Home, telling you how many copies of each card you already have

🛒 Order on Cardmarket
You can even go straight to Cardmarket from decklist matching to buy any cards you’re still missing.

As always, a big thank you to our Alpha Tester group who provided valuable feedback in a very short time that enabled us to get this feature on the road super quickly ⚡

Let us know what you think and what can still be improved on our Discord Server and we’ll be looking forward to your ideas 💡

After two weeks of alpha testing, we are more than happy to announce: Disney Lorcana is now live on the TCG Home Public Beta! 🎉

🏁 First Chapter & Promos
Starting today, you can add all cards from The First Chapter, as well as Promos

🌊 Rise of the Floodborn soon
We’re already working on Rise of the Floodborn to follow very soon, so if you play a Prerelease this weekend, get those cards ready

We’re looking forward to what Lorcana does next and an enchanting future with this game on our platform 💫

We just released a new version of the TCG Home public Beta! Please log out of your account and log back in again to make sure your version is updated. Here is what changed:

💫 Disney Lorcana and more
In anticipation of Disney Lorcana and more games we have changed the design of our navigation menu. We will share an announcement about the timeline for the next games that will come to TCG Home very soon!

🏷️ Condition & Tag Mass Edit
The trade view now allows you to manage tags and conditions of multiple cards at once.

🖼️ Gallery Sorting Options
The gallery view now features additional options for sorting your collection: Alphabetical, last modified, time added, price and set are all available options with price still as the default.

✅ More Filter Customization
The filters now allow you to select multiple sets at once and you can also exclude tags from your filter

A massive thank you to everyone who participated in testing or gave feedback about the platform and a special shoutout to Tigier, ia0 and Sir Bartacus on our Discord server who’s feedback inspired the changes to our filters. This way you can find exactly the cards you’re looking for even more easily!

Our newest feature is now live on the TCG Home Beta: Listing on Cardmarket. Throuh this feature you can connect your Cardmarket account with TCG Home to list cards for sale via our API access.

📺 We have made a video demo to walk you through everything step by step. Check it out here:

🙏 Special thanks to our Volunteer and Alpha Testers who gave valuable feedback to make this release possible.

📈 The card details page has been redesigned for visual appeal and to include the functions to list and update cards on Cardmarket.

🛒 You can now sync and edit your Cardmarket orders on TCG Home. Go to the Orders section of the platform to check it out.

🖥️ Card galleries and tables on the platform scale to your screen size now throughout all collection views and other processes.

Feel free to try out this next step in our partnership with Cardmarket. If you encounter any issues or find some areas for improvement, let us know in the #feedback channel on our Discord server.

💫 One of the next big topics we’ll focus on soon is going to be the launch of Disney Lorcana on TCG Home. We hope to get the first addition to our game portfolio ready before Chapter 2: Rise of the Floodborn is widely available.

We are aware that in recent weeks, our card database for Magic has not been up to date for some cards and that the Missing Cards Masterthread did not get the attention it deserves. Here are the steps we took to fix this:

🧚 WOE and WHO
As of today Wilds of Eldraine and Doctor Who are fully available in English on TCG Home, including all variants and frame treatments. Keep reading for the status of non-English cards.

👨‍💻 Database Manager
We have created a new database maintenance position at TCG Home that is fully dedicated to making sure we get cards ready as soon as possible.

🔍 Missing Cards Backlog
Our backlog of missing cards is going to be addressed next, as soon as our new database maintenance position is fully onboarded. We’re also going to make a change to adding cards, that will help with this issue:

📲 Add Any Card
Going forward, it will be possible to add cards even without Cardmarket ID. Up to now, only cards with a corresponding Cardmarket ID could be added to your collection, leading to many cards—especially alternate art or frame versions—to be unavailable. In the future, you will be able to add those cards, they will just display no price and you will be unable to list them on Cardmarket until we’ve added the missing IDs.

🏴 Non-English Cards
For now, non-English cards for sets beginning with Wilds of Eldraine aren’t available yet, as these cards are still missing on Scryfall. The reason for that is that Gatherer, where Scryfall sources these cards, has several database issues that make import harder. We are currently looking into potential other solutions for this.

We're extremely proud to announce a feature that has been requested by virtually everyone: Card Import! This is available now with the newest update of the TCG Home Open Beta:

📥 New Add Cards Screen
Our newly designed Add Cards screen welcomes you to select either "Import a csv file" or "Import a deck list" next to the "Search by name" and "Use advanced filters" which your already know.

📁 CSV File Import
CSV Import supports files from the following platforms: Decked Builder, Deckstats, Moxfield, Archidekt and Manabox. If your file is from another source, you can use our CSV template to check what format it needs to have.

📋 Decklist Import
Decklist import supports formats from many sources, like Deckstats, MTG Goldfish or Moxfield. You can assign sets, conditions and other factors later, if your decklist format doesn't provide those.

🏷️ Tags for Decklists
Tags are easily assigned on decklists as well. We know that many of you already manage your decklists through TCG Home, so we made it easy to assign the same tag to all cards from a deck that you import.

🧾 Process Documentation
Our detailed documentation can be expanded under each of the import methods to help you with any challenges you might be facing as you try out this new feature. If you still encounter problems, feel free to let us know in the feedback channel on our Discord server.

🙏 Thank You Alpha Testers!
We were only able to deliver import features this quickly thanks to the tireless dedication and amazing testing results from our Alpha Testers. Shoutout to everyone who contributed and made this feature a reality!

We are super excited to see how you like our new import options and we can't wait to read your thoughts on Discord. After what we've heard from you, this will make a big difference for many in our community. But for us it's just the next step of many on the way to making TCG Home the perfect hub for your TCG experience 🤩

Another update has just been released for everyone on the TCG Home Beta. This one brings the following changes and improvements:

🖥️ New Add Cards Screen
A new add cards start screen has been introduced in anticipation of the soon to be released import features. Currently, csv import and text import are only accessible through Alpha Testing (see below) and will be publicly released on the Beta very soon.

🛠️ Import Alpha Testing
Alpha Testing for CSV and Text Import will begin shortly. Alpha Testing is a limited opportunity for Volunteer Testers who are dedicated to an active testing and feedback process. We currently still have a few spots available, so if you want to join, become a Volunteer Tester via our Discord and read everything about Alpha Testing in the test announcements channel.

📥 Add Cards Improvements
More improvements to Add Cards are now live. You can now sort search results by collector number, which is also displayed in the search results table. Setting filters to one set and one langauge now displays the entire set for easy adding and you can select how many cards you want to display for your search results.

🪲 Bugfixes and QOL
Several bugfixes and quality of life improvements have been released to make your TCG Home experience even better. You will find that several of the bugs and issues in our feedback forum on Discord have been addressed by this.

We've just released an update to the TCG Home Beta for everyone that brings you several improvements of the platform that were heavily requested.

🌘 DarkMode
DarkMode is now enabled on TCG Home. You asked and we listened! Log into the TCG Home Beta right now and check out our new dark design, fresh from the forge of our UI team. We hope that this will make our TCG platform look even more appealing to make you feel truly at Home.

📈 Purchase Price Tracking
Purchase Price Tracking is now live! You can enter the price for which you purchased a card and see it in your collection. Additionally, the price view of each individual card now shows you the absolute and percental in- or decrease of a cards average market value compared to your purchase price. This is the foundation for many cool price tracking tools we want to offer in the future!

📑 Add Cards Updates
Our add cards process has received the next set of improvements. The most important one is the addition of sorting options for your search results! Display the cards that match your filters by name or release date to make finding what you need even more comfortable so you can grow your collection easier than ever.

📤 CSV File Import
Import features are in development right now so you can just export cards you have already digitized somewhere and get them into your TCG Home collection. But we need your help for that! Send us an export of your collection or just one deck from all platforms you want our csv import to be compatible with. Please send those files to with the subject "Import Testing" and mention which platforms your files are from. This way we can ensure that our csv import works with any files that you might want to use it for.

We promised quick improvements to how the Add Cards process works and the first upgrade is already here! We owe a big thank you to the feedback we got, especially from the Volunteer Tester group and from everyone who responded to our Add Cards survey! We also expanded Tags to be possible from the Play View and we're currently defining what TCG Home Premium features might look like - and you can help us. Keep reading for more details on all of this.

📦 Mass-Add
Mass-adding cards has been improved a lot, including an option to apply the same condition and/or tags to all cards you add at the same time.

🔍 Release Filter
Filtering by release is now easier to combine with mass-adding cards. Just go through the cards in a set and click on the ones you like to add!

🗂️ Filter Options
Detailed filters can now be used while you browse your search results and add cards from there. Only need black rares from Tales of Middle-Earth Commander? Set your filters and you're good to go.

🏷️ Tags in Play View
Adding Tags to cards is now also possible from the Play View of your collection, where all copies of the card in question now open in a new window so you can apply different tags to each.

📩 TCG Home Premium
TCG Home Premium features are starting to take shape. Our newsletter that we're sending out later today will show you a preliminary pricing model as well as a proposed feature set for what our Premium offering could look like, along with a more detailed demo of the Add Cards upgrade, so keep your eyes open for that!

💬 Your Feedback
Feedback from you is the backbone of our development process, so as always, feel free to share your thought on today's release in the tester chat or in our feedback forum on Discord!

We are immensely excited to let everyone know that today TCG Home goes into Open Beta! This means that you can now sign up to the platform via and join the ongoing testing process.

🔓 We are in Open Beta
Open Beta means that the platform is still in development and this version is not the final product yet. Consequently, Magic is the only supported game until we finish the core functions and we are still busy building some upcoming features as well as improving current ones.

🧑‍🏭 Volunteer Testers
Our Volunteer Testers will keep getting access to new features first and will be our primary target for development surveys. We appreciate all the feedback you gave so far, and we hope that we’ll keep seeing the amazing activity and excitement from you we’ve come to know.

🖥️ New Website
Our website has been redesigned to reflect the fact that we’re in Open Beta. It now gives you a better overview of what’s already available, what our roadmap looks like and what we’re all about. Check it out now on

🇪🇸 MagicCon Barcelona
One last reminder, if you’re going to MagicCon Barcelona at the end of this month, head over to #magiccon to let us know, meet us there and get some amazing TCG Home surprises!

Feedback? Thoughts? Ideas?
Get in touch!

Feel free to contact us via email or through our Social channels. We’re always happy to connect!