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Sell on cardmarket

The leading European marketplace at your fingertips.

Natively integrated in the TCG Home experience, Cardmarket is just a click away. List, update and delist cards from your inventory in seconds. It has never been easier to get started.

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List cards with a single click on Cardmarket.

To create a truly frictionless experience, you can not only list cards while exploring it in detail but also create listings while exploring your collection within the trade view.

Always up to date.

You want to update the price of a listed card or changed your mind and don’t want to sell anymore? With the listed cards interface you are in full control at all times. 

Manage and process incoming orders.

Of course, it doesn’t stop at listing: We equip you with a dedicated order dashboard to simplify tracking and coordination of the fulfilment process.

Bring your Cardmarket game to the next level

With TCG Home, selling cards at Cardmarket becomes even more fun.

Detailed price info

Take advantage of the comprehensive sales stats provided to determine the right price for your listing.

Intuitive price adaption

Once listed for a price of your choice, you can change its listing price freely by setting a relative or absolute change.

Direct access

At each time, your live listing at Cardmarket ist just a click away and easily accessible from your TCG Home account. 

Frequently asked questions

We provide you with direct access to the marketplace of our API partner Cardmarket. The Selling on Cardmarket feature allows you to connect your Cardmarket account with your TCG Home account to list & sell cards from your TCG Home inventory on Cardmarket.

To get started you need an active Cardmarket account. Connect your Cardmarket account by heading to the Cardmarket section in our navigation menu

You are at full control of your listings at all time. Simply revert the listing or adapt the price to your preferences.

To ensure highly reliable service, syncing orders has to be done manually. Simply navigate to the order interface and click the 'Sync orders' button to update the provided info. Currently we only sync orders placed for listings you created with TCG Home.

With TCG Home providing only a direct access to Cardmarket for you to interact at the marketplace in your own name, it is your responsibility to take care that the created listings are correct and orders are fulfilled in time.

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