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Welcome to our Help Center page, where you can find frequently asked questions and ways to contact us for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the past few weeks, activity on our Discord server and social media channels has increased as the community grew. We’ve noticed some recurring questions, so we want to address them here for everyone.

Currently, TCG Home is in development, more specificly in open beta testing - which you can join by signing up here. We use a very transparent development process with lots of community input. When we get the feedback that our community believes the platform is ready, then we will release the full version publicly. There is currently no specific date for the public release. We’d rather release TCG Home when it’s ready instead of selecting an arbitrary date and publishing an unfinished product.

Currently, TCG Home is only accessible as a beta version for testing. This means that the current version of the platform is not the finished product but a work in progress. Whenever we develop new features to a usable state and whenever we improve existing features, the beta version will be updated and we will inform everyone via our Discord and Newsletter about the changes. Then everyone can try out the revised platform and provide feedback. Often we will ask for specific feedback through a survey but you can share any feedback you have on our Discord server.

We know that many of you are hoping for specific features to be released, and we’d love to put them out immediately! However, some features depend on others to be released first and some features need more time to be developed. This means that sometimes, we won’t release new features in the order you may have wanted but in the order we can make them work. Rest assured though that we will get to all the features eventually and when we do (after they go through testing) we will be able to release the finished platform.

We have an established relationship with Cardmarket as one of their few API partners. Therefore, we currently source our card prices from which covers the entirety of Europe. However, we are working to add more sources for card prices that are more relevant to other regions and we plan to allow for customization options that make it easy to see only prices from those sources that are most relevant to you.

The short answer to this question is yes. The slightly longer answer is: The beta version of TCG Home will be in English and use Euro prices from Cardmarket to develop the essential features. The final product is intended to support multiple languages and currencies, as well as prices from various regions. We will update you on these developments through our newsletter as well as on Discord.

We are going to complete beta testing the platform with Magic: The Gathering as the “test subject”. Magic is the TCG that our team knows best, making it the ideal candidate to use for development of the core features of TCG Home. Once we know that the core features work reliably, we will focus on quickly adding more games.

New games will be added based on popularity to ensure the platform serves the biggest possible part of the TCG community. So far the games we’ve seen the most request for after Magic are Pokémon and Lorcana, making them the most likely candidates to be added first. That being said, we do plan on adding many more games beyond these first few and we will let you know as soon as possible when new games become available on TCG Home.

Yes! We are committed to offering TCG Home for free by default. There will be some optional premium features for those who really want them but we currently don’t know what those will be. We know that it costs money to develop an app and to run a company and that premium features seem like a great way to earn that money. However, we’re still designing what the structure will look like and you can impact our decisions by taking part in the surveys we regularly publish through our newsletter and our Discord server!

No. The idea behind TCG Home was having all of your trading cards in one place and trading cards are kind of about having lots of them. So at the moment we don’t see a reason to limit how many cards you can have in your account. That said, we’re still in development and things may change. We could end up finding a reason why we really need a limit, but right now that seems very unlikely.

Currently, the TCG Home beta version is only available as a website but the final version of the platform will be both! When we release the mobile version, the browser and mobile versions are going to be synced with eachother, allowing you to add cards on your phone and then manage those cards in your collection from the browser or vice versa. That said, our current website setup is designed to be as accessible for mobile browsers as it is for desktop.

Being a Cardmarket API partner enables us to develop a direct connection from your TCG Home account to your Cardmarket account. This will allow you to list cards from your TCG Home for sale on Cardmarket with just a few clicks! You will also be able to use this connection to import cards you purchased on Cardmarket directly into your TCG Home collection - no need to update manually. Right now we are in the process of developing this connection together with our partners at Cardmarket and we’re going to let you know when it’s availabe for beta testing through our newsletter and Discord server.

Right now, you can add cards to your collection via search in the "Add Cards" section by typing in the card name, but that’s not going to remain the only option. From importing CSV files or Cardmarket purchases to a mobile scanner that allows you to add cards with your phone camera, there are going to be many ways to get cards into the final version of TCG Home.

First, you need to install Discord. It’s a free mobile and desktop app that you can find here. If you have Discord installed, you can click this magic link that will transport you directly to our server. Review the server rules and agree to them and you’re free to go. Don’t forget to check out the “Browse Channels” function to manage which parts of our server you can see!


Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email or through our Discord server. We’re always happy to assist and answer any inquiries you may have.

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