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Deck Matching

Discover the decks inside your collection.

With Deck Matching, you can compare any list of cards
– usually a deck list – to your TCG Home collection, find out what’s already there and how to get what’s missing.

Works with a broad set of formats.

Our Deck Matching feature works with decks in almost any format. Just be careful to remove anything from your decklist that isn’t a card name, such as “Sideboard” or “Commander”.

Get an accurate overview of your collection's coverage.

Understand how many of each card from the list are in your collection at first sight: Red means you don’t have any cards, yellow means you have some and green means you have all at least as many copies as specified in the imported list.

Complete your collection with a system.

Looking at the results of the deck matching, you can either directly jump to our partner cardmarket to buy a specific card or export a full list of the missing cards.

Deck building reinvented.

We help you to safe money and uncover the true potential of your collection.

Max coverage

To ensure highest accessibility, deck matching doesn’t limit results to exact matches but extends to other sets & foiling of a given card in your list.

Tag cards matched

Create a tag first & assign it to all cards matched. This way you can filter for those cards in your collection later on, making deck building a breeze.

Import a wants list

Copy a list of the missing cards before then importing it to your collection with a “Wants” tag via deck list import to keep track of your next additions. 

Frequently asked questions

You can upload text file format deck lists from the most common platforms such as deckstats, MTG Decks, MTG Goldfish, Moxfield, etc.

Required: Amount and Name
Optional: SetCode & Collector Nr. (Collector Nr. won't work without a SetCode)

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