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These guidelines fulfill several purposes. First and foremost, they solidify our commitment to making our community spaces safe environments for everybody. We want people to feel welcome, regardless of their background, origin, ethnicity, race, age, status, appearance, disability, gender expression or gender identity.

Secondly, these guidelines are meant to set expectations for what you can expect from our community and what will be expected of you if you take part in our community spaces. We want to ensure that the experience everybody makes within the TCG Home community is nothing short of exceptional, and these guidelines are the foundation that makes such an experience possible.

Remember that you confirm to respect these guidelines and adhere to the rules within by engaging in our community spaces.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Certain views and opinions can not be aligned with the values of TCG Home. Consequently, these views and opinions, or groups who hold them, are not welcome within our community. Generally, ousting or debasement of marginalized groups or those who suffer from systemic oppression is not tolerated. In addition to this, the support or promotion of Nazis, fascism and alt-right, as well as religious fundamentalism and misogyny, or their hateful ideology are not welcome.

Behavior in Community Spaces

The TCG Home community is a positive space that supports growth and strives for improvement. Toxic behavior isn’t part of our spaces and we want to keep it that way. To that end, we need all members of our community to stick together in treating each other with respect and kindness. Be aware that we are here to have conversations, not fights. However, written communication can often lead to misunderstandings, especially in an international community like this, where English is not the first language for most people. Do your best to indicate what you mean and show compassion when others don’t immediately understand your intentions.

We are here to help!

If you see behavior that violates these guidelines or the rules down below, let us know! Contact the Moderators or make a post in the server feedback channel. If you see problematic behavior from a Moderator, please send an email to

General Rules

No illegal content. Anything that would be against the law elsewhere is still illegal in our community spaces. Do not share or ask for material that violates copyright. Keep things legal.

Credit where it’s due. If you share art or other creative content, please credit whoever made it. Those creators put in a lot of hard work to make awesome things, so they deserve to get their names out there.

Family friendly content. While the majority of the members of our community spaces are adults, the TCG audience includes people of all ages. Make sure that whatever you post is appropriate for everyone. Especially avoid NSFW content, including messages or links that include graphic violence or sexual content.

Language. The language of our community spaces is English. There are Discord channels dedicated to non-English content. Please keep conversations there to the channel language. You can find an overview of all channels (and the roles required to access them) in the channels-and-roles channel.

Subject to Change

As our community grows, we will see these guidelines and rules evolve over time to adapt to the needs of all our community spaces. Therefore, these guidelines are subject to change. Any changes will be publicly announced.

Most recent update: April 12, 2023