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Collection views

Card data decomposed for unmatched access.

Which information matters varies drastically with what you want to do with a card. Our collection views provide the information you need right where you need it.


TCG Home offers the ideal starting point for identifying and leveraging the true potential of your collection – whether it is for trading, playing or collecting.

Zoom in to get the
full picture of what there is to know.

Card detail views offer not only a compact overview but also put historical price trends, marketplace access and gameplay-relevant elements at your fingertips.

Edit and modify your cards from anywhere.

Easily change card attributes like the language, its condition or finishing while browsing your collection or inspecting a single card – right on the spot.

How to fully leverage collection views

Uncover what matters when it matters by customizing your TCG experience.

Smart filters

We provide you with a broad set of filters to help you narrow-down the range of cards to browse in the respective view.

Sorting options

To further enhance the capabilities of collection views, make sure to use the built-in sorting variables like rarity, price or time added.

Navigation tooltips

To make navigation & selection of cards as intuitive as possible, we provide tooltips of the card’s image when hovering its name where needed.

Frequently asked questions

With the collection views, we aim to reduce the complexity of information to what's relevant. What's relevant differs for building a deck vs selecting cards for trading. We display only the relevant datapoints in the respective views

Editing cards can be done intuitively from any collection view as well as the card detail view via the three-dot icon.

Removing follows the same procedure as editing: simply click the three dot menu to then delete the selected card.

Right now, you can filter the following attributes:
Set, Language, Color, Rarity, Finish (Foil vs Non-Foil) and Price

When adding cards, you can sort the search results by:
Name, Set name and Collector Number

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