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The collection manager reinvented.


Advanced card digitization

Simply type some letters to find any card you are looking for or past entire lists to get started.


Your own card database

Create an exact digital twin of your collection and never again lose track of the cards you own.


From chaos comes order

Leverage limitless tags to organize your cards and know which card is where at any time.


Lists for any occasion

Want to pre-select cards for sale or gathering your next additions? We got you covered!

A virtual twin to manage your collection

With TCG Home, you will never loose track of your cards again.

Digitizing trading cards made simple.

Bring your collection to the digital world with our advanced collection manager. From text search powered by smart filters to csv & deck list import: we made digitizing trading cards simple.

Browse your collection database.

Which information matters varies drastically with what you want to do. That's why our collection manager provides you with the information right where you need it and smart filters for better accessibility.

Organize your collection with custom tags.

Assign tags to your cards so you know which box or binder you put them in and more. Use our mobile collection app to check what you need or take full control on our desktop version. 

Systematically build wish and trade lists.

To bring structure to your collection we designed dedicated lists. Simply select cards you want to buy or sell and gather them in wish and trading lists to simplify navigating your card database.

Your personal collection manager
right at your fingertips

Fully leverage the capabilities of TCG Home to unveil a truly frictionless TCG experience

Easy as never before

Whether you own thousands of cards or just get started - we got the right tools for you to digitize your trading cards.

Your Digital Collection

To enhance collection management, we equip you with a broad set of smart filters & sorting options when browsing your cards.

Maximum Individuality

Whether it is for trading, playing or collecting: we offer the ideal starting point for leveraging your cards' true potential.

More Detail Than Ever

We track down to the specific version of each copy of a card: How many you have, where they are, what you need them for.

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Frequently asked questions

Right now, you can filter the following attributes:
Set, Language, Color, Rarity, Finish (Foil vs Non-Foil) and Price

When adding cards, you can sort the search results by:
Name, Set name and Collector Number

At TCG Home you can use CSV files to import your collection from other platforms.
1. Upload your CSV file to match your cards with our database.
2. Make adjustments and correct errors of the inital mapping.
3. Finalize your import.

We support the a range of formats applied by some of the leading TCG tools ranging from Right now we currently support imports from: Moxfield to Deckstats, Archidekt, Decked Builder and Manabox

Simply copy and paste your deck list in txt-format in the deck uploader. Currently, we support two import formats:

(as provided by deckstats)


(as provided by Moxfield)

1. Amount and Name are always required.
2. SetCode, Collector Number and Foiling are optional
3. Collector Number won't work without a set code
4. Foiling is: *F* for foil and *E* for etched