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Card organization

Your cards
organized your way.

To bring structure to your collection we designed customizable collection tags. From deck building to a designated trading selection — tagging helps you to organize your cards.

Apply tags while adding cards for an easy start.

Whichever method you prefer to digitize your cards: assign tags for single cards or whole batches at the very beginning to build the foundation for an intuitive navigation.

customization possibilities.

Create dedicated tags for decks, individual binders or themed selections for a specific purpose: tags equip you with all you need to get ahead of your collection.

Refine & adapt your tags with our built-in tag management.

With our tag management interface, you are in control of changing, deleting and creating new tags at any point of your TCG Home Journey in the matter of a few clicks.

How to get the most out of tags

With custom tags you create your own TCG Home experience.

Auto adapt

When changing the name or colour of a tag, all affected cards will be updated automatically, making tag management a breeze.

Assign from anywhere

Tags can be assigned while adding cards but also in the collection & card detail views so you have maximum freedom for (re-) organizing your cards.

Bulk assign

When adding cards, you can not only distribute tags to single cards but also assign them to batches of your newly added cards.

Frequently asked questions

Navigate to the Card Tags interface in the menu and use the button in the upper right to create new tags.

Simply use the three-dot icon in the tag interface to update or delete an existing tag?

In the add cards interface, click on the card settings button to select the tags you want to assign to all the cards that you are going to add.

You can assign or revert tags for single cards at any time, either via the trade, play or card detail view of your collection.

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