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Collecting has never
smarter. easier. more fun.

Tired of maintaining hand-written lists and extensive spread sheets? Us too. That’s why we build TCG Home – the single source of truth for your trading card collection.

Accessible via desktop and mobile

TCG Home Roadmap

Basic Features

Collection Management

Adding, reviewing and organizing cards is our core functionality.

  • Card management tags
  • Card search and import
  • Dedicated card & collection views
Supported Games

MTG, Pokémon & Lorcana

With the groundwork complete, we started adding more games.

  • Card Data Implementation
  • Alpha Testing & Feedback
  • Public Beta Launch
Advanced Features

Decklist Matching

Compare a decklist to your collection and identify what's missing.

  • Match your list to cards you have
  • Find any missing cards
  • Get the rest from a marketplace
Advanced Features

Cardmarket Integration

Seamlessly sell cards right from your TCG Home collection.

  • Connect to your CM account
  • List cards for sale
  • Sync orders with TCG Home
Advanced Features

Collection Dashboard

Get comprehensive insights into your collection and its growth.

  • Collection value tracker
  • Card value distribution
  • Tracking all your TCGs
Early 2024

Localized Card Prices

Beyond Europe, we will provide alternative price data sources.

  • Price source selection
  • Personal currency settings
  • TCGplayer & Card Kingdom
Mid 2024

More Games

Aiming to cover all relevant TCGs, we will start supporting additional games.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ?
  • One Piece TCG ?
  • Flesh and Blood ?
Late 2024

More Add Cards Options

We want to go beyond card search and csv/decklist import.

  • Scanner App
  • Friends & Social Features
  • Showroom & Sharing

Frequently Asked Questions

TCG Home is a digital hub for all things TCG. You can manage your collection, connect to a marketplace, find missing cards and more.

TCG Home currently supports Magic: The Gathering, Lorcana and Pokémon, with more games coming in 2024.

Yes, TCG Home is completely free. You can sign up and join our public Beta right now at no cost! After the Beta, we will add optional premium features for a fee.

We involve the community as heavily as possible. You can take part in testing groups and give feedback both before and after a feature releases publicly. Testers can take part in surveys regularly to shape the future of the platform.

TCG-Vault, the company behind TCG Home, is a young startup based in Berlin, Germany. Our small, multinational team of TCG enthusiasts and veterans from the tech business works fully remote. Founded in 2021 by a group of five, the company has grown continuously to the current size of around 20 full and part time employees.

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