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Reasons for TCG Home

All the games you love

Starting with Magic, we will expand to other TCGs such as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Lorcana.

Intuitive Design & UX

Our interface is beautifully designed and intuitive, bringing card management to a new level.

Any time and any place

View your collection on your smartphone or manage it via laptop, desktop or tablet—whichever way you prefer. Any time and any place

Community Involvement

We are building TCG Home together with our fantastic community and everyone can contribute their own ideas.


Interested Users


Cards added


Users on our Discord Server
Titus Lunter

The TCG Home Treasure

We asked concept artist and illustrator Titus Lunter to create an exclusive artwork for us. He came up with this amazing masterpiece that showcases his expertise after painting for Magic for a decade!

About the platform


Manage your cards like never before

We work to create an unparalleled TCG experience by integrating the most valuable tools in one digital suite.

Tags & Intelligent Lists

Coming soon:
Collection Stats

Add & Collect

Various ways to add your cards

A smart search with filters and our mass-add feature make adding cards fast and fun. More options to come ...

Coming soon:
Scanner App

Coming soon:
Cardmarket Import

Use, sell or play

Use your cards from one single solution

TCG Home helps you unlock the potential of your TCG collection by creating a single source of truth.

Coming soon:
List on Cardmarket

Coming soon:
Connect Collection

TCG Home's Roadmap

Phase 01

Closed Beta

Quality comes first. We have tested and developed our platform together with our fantastic volunteer testers.

  • Add Cards via Search
  • New Single Card Views
  • One Collection View
Phase 02

Public Beta

We are opening our platform to all interested people, in order to get more feedback and improve our development.

  • Multiple Collection Views
  • Visual Redesign
  • Individual Card Tags
features to come

Advanced Management

We will continuously add more features to the platform that will help you manage your collection more comfortably.

  • List on Cardmarket
  • Deck Builder (import and match)
  • Collection Stats
features to come

Add Cards Improvements

We will add various ways to help you add cards to your collection with ease.

  • Card Scanner
  • File Import
  • Cardmarket Inventory Sync

New TCGs

We want to become a multi-TCG platform, so we will give you the possibility to add cards from different TCGs to the platform.

  • Pokémon
  • Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Lorcana

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Asked Questions

TCG Home is a digital trading card manager that allows you to track and manage your entire TCG collection in one place.

TCG Home is developed with Magic: The Gathering and will support mulitple TCGs like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! or Flesh & Blood

You can use TCG Home on multiple devices with our responsive design for desktop and mobile browsers.

Yes! TCG Home will allow you to list cards on Cardmarket directly from your collection.

Yes! TCG Home will establish direct connections to your favorite apps and third party sites.

TCG Home is unique in its cutting-edge design and professional execution as well as our inclusion of the community in our development process.

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