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Designed to unlock the
trading card experience of tomorrow.

A single platform to help you uncover the true potential of your trading card collection.

Collection Management

Create your own
trading card database.

Keeping track of your trading cards can be daunting. Especially if you don’t enjoy updating hand-written lists or spreadsheets. With our collection manager you create a digital twin of your cards to solve this for the better.

Price tracking

Discover what
your cards
are worth.

Trading card prices keep changing daily & looking them up individually is a chore. That’s why we update market prices of all your cards daily, so you can track the development over time for every single card in your collection!

Marketplace access

Elevate your marketplace experience.

Selling cards can be a lot of work. It takes time and mistakes happen easily. With TCG Home you get around all that! Just connect your account and list cards with a single click on Cardmarket. And there’s a lot more.

The trading card platform
for all games.

We started with Magic: The Gathering, now sequentially bringing new games to the platform.

Get started,
it's free!

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Frequently asked questions

TCG Home is a digital trading card platform designed to help you explore, track and leverage the true potential of your collection.

To validate the product concept, we started with Magic: The Gathering to build the data foundation for TCG Home. Moving ahead, we have already launched further games: Starting with Lorcana and Pokémon, we eventually want to cover a range of the most beloved games.

You can use TCG Home on multiple devices, thanks to our responsive design that's optimized for both desktop and mobile use.

Yes,! You can find us in the iOS App Store already, with Android to follow very soon.

Yes! TCG Home is free and will continue to be free by default. We are going to introduce some premium features in the future but the pricing model for those is currently still being designed with input from our community.

Yes! With our partners at Cardmarket we developed a direct API integration enabling you to connect your Cardmarket account with your TCG Home account. Once connected, you will be able to list cards for sale directly from your TCG Home inventory.

Other than existing tools, we aim to craft a truly holistic platform, eventually enhancing all components of your personal trading card experience: from deck building to collection management and trading cards.